"Hypnagogia" now available

Evoken's Latest Opus: "Hypnagogia"

Known as one of the founding fathers of the American death/funeral doom metal scene, New Jersey's Evoken have been a long-standing pillar over the band's 25 year pillage. Their new full-length album "Hypnagogia" is the band's sixth LP, their first in six years since their landmark "Atra Mors" album, and is a towering monolith that develops and redefines the band's sound that will only strengthen their position within the death/doom metal hierarchy where Evoken have always reigned.

"Hypnagogia" is available on CD and Double-LP worldwide via Profound Lore, on cassette via Hammerheart and CD in CIS region and South America via Funere and Cold Art, respectively.

Forefathers of US Doom/Death Metal

Evoken are an extreme doom metal band from the New York/New Jersey area formed in 1992. Seen as pioneers of the funeral doom genre along with Thergothon, Skepticism and Esoteric, the band are also part of the first wave of US Doom/Death metal drawing influence from the Peaceville 3; Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride & Anathema yet their music reflects a dynamic range of influences inside and outside of metal.

Evoken can be defined as fear, anger & an unseen presence deep within the dark halls of your eventual faltering memory. Even after almost three decades and numerous groundbreaking records, there are many things on the horizon for the band. In this lair, Evoken exists as definitive sadness, impenetrable darkness & a path of their own making.

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